Bring Your Own

Preparation is key to minimizing waste. My favorite reusables include the following:  

1.  My stainless steel water bottle, which helps me to eliminate my personal use of single use plastic bottles and non-recyclable plastic bottles. 

2. My stainless steel to-go container. Most to-go containers are not recyclable because they contain a plastic based, wax lining. Even if single use containers are recyclable and/or compostable, the best option is to carry a reusable container with you and eliminate the possibility of waste entirely. 

3. My traveling utensil set complete with bamboo utensils, linen napkin, stainless steel straw + wooden chopsticks. Neither plastic utensils nor plastic straws are recyclable so it's essential that we eliminate these materials from our daily rituals. Lastly, carrying a linen napkin helps to reduce the environmental impact of mass paper production. Reusable > single use, folks! 

xx Jaimie + Meghan