Take Care of Your Teeth

Oral care can be one of the most environmentally detrimental daily habits. Conventional toothpastes are filled with chemicals that shouldn't be introduced to our water or soil, let alone to our mouths and bodies. Conventional floss is traditionally made from synthetic materials that cannot be recycled or composted and ends up in the rubbish. Conventional toothbrushes are made out of plastic, not recyclable, and made to last a short period of time before ending up in the waste. Conventional mouthwashes are filled with chemicals that are harmful to our health and to the health of our planet, and they come packaged in single use plastic. 

Here are my four favorite sustainable swaps:

1. DIY toothpowder*

1 Part Baking Soda - 1 Part Bentonite Clay - 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil - 5 drops Myrrh Essential Oil - 5 drops Clove Essential Oil

2. Compostable Brush With Bamboo Toothbrush 

The brushes are made from compostable sustainably sourced bamboo. The plant based bristles need to be removed for proper disposal and recycled in the appropriate recycling facility OR save your previous toothbrushes for as long as you can for cleaning and household chores.* The packaging is also entirely compostable + biodegradable.

3. Dental Lace

This product is made from 100% silk, and therefore 100% compostable. The container is reusable glass, and the packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, respectively. 

4. Myrrh Essential Oil 

Myrrh essential oil has many health benefits, including preventing gum disease and mouth infections. It is a natural anti inflammatory and antioxidant and makes a perfect mouth rinse. Simply place a couple drops in a cup of water and rinse away! 

*You could also swap packaged, conventional toothpaste for home made toothpaste or tooth tabs, I just prefer the powder.

*There are entirely compostable toothbrushes made with boar hair bristles; I'm not quite there yet. 

xx Jaimie + Meghan